Surviving the Legal Guardianship Swamp



Betsy Wurzel’s guest is Leonie Rosenstiel  Author of  “PROTECTING MAMA” Surviving the Legal Guardianship Swamp” and discusses what motivated her to write this book.  Leonie talks about how the Power of Attorney for her mom was taken away from her!
Leonie highly recommends keeping communication open with family members, don’t hide information about the family member who needs care, and keeping watchful on who is caring for your loved one!  In this Interview, Leonie discusses several different stories that have happened with guardianship.
Leonie Rosenstiel will be offering online courses through “DaySpring Resources” for Adult Children-Called a Roadmap.
For Baby Boomers and Those Who Love Them.
We are providing the website information in the contact section.
Listen to this mind-boggling journey of a daughter to save her mother from the cruelty of guardianship:

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Leonie Rosenstiel
Purchase the book on Amazon: Protecting Mama
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