On today’s episode 17, host Lisa Skinner pays tribute to Alzheimer’s Awareness Month (June) by sharing a recently published story about the beloved and world-renowned animal trainer, Jack Hanna, and his recent Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis. This is the first time the Hanna family has spoken publicly about their struggle with a disease that afflicts so many people today. The Hanna Family want to tell Jack’s story so others will know that they are not alone in the overwhelming challenges that so many families face with this disease.

In her What’s News segment, Lisa discusses a news release by the Cure for Alzheimer’s Fund announced that 2022 marks the 18th consecutive year of record results for contributions raised to fund research for Alzheimer’s disease, and what an important milestone this is in finding a treatment or cure for this heartbreaking disease.

We are providing the Audio Interview with Lisa Skinner on the discussion of Jack Hanna’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis:

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