7 C’s of Communication and Mastering People Skills

The Gold Nuggets For Podcast was written by a joint effort of well-known published mid-teen author, Lillian Cauldwell, and bestseller Singapore author, Viki Esther Chang, who created The Gold Nuggets Series. The book, The Gold Nuggets For Podcast is a practical how-to book detailing how to create, present and distribute a podcast of the potential host’s choice.

The two major considerations provided in the book are the 7 C’s of Communication and Mastering People Skills. Why are these two topics important? Because if you can’t speak clearly, concisely, and precisely to your audience, you might as well not put together a podcast. If the potential podcast host can’t relate to their listening audience and to their potential guests and other co-hosts, then the podcast will fall flat and your podcast won’t become successful or even be monetized by the potential podcast.

Podcasting as Lillian Cauldwell is fond of saying is “more than just speaking into a microphone.” It requires research skill, formatting, writing, scripting, and putting it all together so that it makes sense to those who want to listen to what you, the podcast host, has to say and impart.

We are providing both Audio and Video on the subject of Podcasting is more than speaking into a Microphone:

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