Host, Toni Quest reminisces about teaching a highly gifted student, Kimmie, and the impact of the experience on both of their lives today, on this week’s episode of the Energy Stoners™ Cafe podcast To listen to this discussion with Toni Quest:   Click here to listen… To contact Toni Quest:  Please share this information.  Honestly, you really do not know who you can help until you share this information. I am providing information on another […]   Jeanne White Station Manager Passionate World Talk Radio

Lillian Cauldwell Host on Cool Your Heels guest today is Hope Cochran. The World’s First All-In-One Social Streaming Platform. Hope Cochran, Entrepreneur, Interactive Streaming TV where the audience can interact with their movie community while viewing the movies. In addition, SonderBlu provides Independent filmmakers the opportunity to get their films released to the public. The interview is about Hope Cochran’s Company, SonderBlu, The Worlds First All in One Social Streaming Platform.  How she is actively […]

When I was a kid, I loved to play hide and seek. You would search for the best spot where you could hunker down, feel safe, and not be found. This is exactly what we want you to do in an active shooter event if you cannot Run safely, HIDE. In December, Troy and I broke down how to RUN in an active shooter event. Today we are ready to examine the second part of […]

On this show with Mrs. Ghoulem Berrah, will be speaking on the transformation of our lives since COVID. To listen to Mrs. Ghoulem Berrah on Universal Peach and COVID: Click here to listen… To watch this conversation with Mrs. Ghoulem Berrah: For more information for Mrs. Berrah and the Foundation  –  Dr. Ghoulem Berrah Foundation Check out the Press Room on their website: Please share this information, I am providing.  There may be individuals that […]

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