Dawn Airhart Witte, author, international philanthropist, and founder of Desire to Inspire Foundation Is this week’s guest on The Energy Stoners™ Cafe Podcast.  She talks with host Toni Quest, about her book ‘Be’,  her organization ‘Desire to Inspire Foundation’ and her tireless work in Africa to inspire and help those less fortunate.  Her foundation’s motto,  As long as poverty persists, none of us can truly rest. Join in and listen to this inspiring […]

  Finding Your Holy Grail helps people navigate the post-pandemic reality we now find ourselves in. In this episode, the show’s host, Dr. Mandy Simon, interviews the talented, Scottish, actress Mhairi Morrison, about the significance of living with intention. Mhairi explains what inspired her to establish the ‘global’ Bead Movement, with her project partner Johanna, as a practice for overcoming adversity by making everyday matters. The show discusses the simple action of counting out your […]

Let me introduce Nina Venturella Host of the new show called the “Coaches Corner” on Passionate World Talk Radio Nina Venturella is an Author/ Coach/CEO/Founder/Speaker/Innovator/ Franchiser, Founder One Box Fits All, Coach the Coaches program, Co-Founder TCI, The Coach a naire Institute Nina Venturella show “Coaches Corner” interviews with real coaches who are practicing that methodology and we will hear their stories and teachings from each of the coaches. Each coach will have 20 mins, […]

  By now we have all heard the necessary information for living during a pandemic: wear a mask; social distance; wash your hand; stay away from crowds.  It is old news and we are weary of the whole thing.  This week, you can listen to Nicole, a 38-year-old mother of 2 talks about her experience with having Covid-19.  She was not hospitalized but managed her symptoms from her home.  Hers is a great example of […]

  Betsy Wurzel Guest on Chatting with Betsy is Gabriel Botet the creator and founder of Neurosize – Alzheimer’s & Neurodiverse personalized games/program online – aimed to “Entertain the Brain”.  He brings excitement and fun to a challenging disease and is also making a big difference with his efforts. Join in and listen to this very informative interview: Click here to listen… For more information on Gabriel Botet’s Website: Neurosize To contact Gabriel Botet via email:  […]

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