Lillian Cauldwell interviews Christy Hall concerning her book on Age-Defying Skincare.  She wants to help guide women world of aesthetics.  Many of us have various issues with skin and Christy Hall can help you. Take some time and listen to the interview and if you have any questions or to contact Christy Hall concerning your skin, contact information will be on this blog.

To listen to this really informative interview on skin with Lillian Cauldwell and Christy Hall – Click here to listen…

“Our Founder, Christy Hall, is a Board Certified Physician Assistant who owns and operates a world-class medical aesthetics practice in Tucson, Arizona. This serves as our inspiration and validation in the creation of our botanical based, eco-lux skincare line. Every person starts life with the same healthy biological skin function. Over time skin conditions develop from aging, lifestyle choices, and environmental factors. Our innovative product formulations are designed to diminish the effects of these influences. We prove that if you can have gorgeous skin living in the desert, you can have it anywhere on earth. The desert is our muse and our clients are our inspiration to push the boundaries for the most effective formulations that nature can provide.”

Christy Hall’s Best Selling Book “Your Beauty Advocate: A No-Nonsense Guide to Age-Defying Skincare Products and Procedures” can be purchased on Amazon – To Purchase -Click Here

You can check out Christy Hall’s page on Facebook:  Click Here

For more information on Skin Product – I really suggest you contact Christy Hall via her email –

For more information on Christy Hall’s website  – Please Click Here – There is a wealth of information to help you.

To contact Lillian Cauldwell on this interview – Please Click Here

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