Lillian Cauldwell

This episode is Lillian Cauldwell interviewing Denise Byers for her book Shattered and how this book came about. Ms. Byers has suffered from various forms of mental illness for most of her life. She has attempted suicide and fights suicidal thoughts on a regular basis. In addition, she has struggled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) stemming from past abuse and currently receives treatment for depression and anxiety. Shattered, both dark and deeply personal with […]

Lillian Cauldwell Interviews Bruce Thatcher for his book Gun Mania.  What is GunMania?   To listen to this interview on Gun Mania How can we reduce death and injury caused by guns?” is the wrong question. A much better question is “how can we reduce the overall rates of suicide and violent crime?” Gun Mania brings that question to the forefront by looking at the history of America and four other nations to identify why […]

    Lillian Cauldwell has a very special Interview with Adam, Coordinator for the K9 Warriors Project.  Adam speaks about what this organization does as a Non-profit.  They provide the training to the Veterans with the K9.  How they help the veteran reclaim their lives.  “Twenty veterans die by suicide each day, and K9s For Warriors trains rescue dogs and gives them a new purpose – to help their warriors return to life with dignity […]

    Lillian Cauldwell’s interview The Snowbunny Empire released the first single, “Daddy’s Little Girl” and discusses how difficult it is for a female to penetrate the male-dominated industry of music. The Daddy’s Little Girl is about women having to compete with men on their terms and still advance into their domain. Snowbunny also has a charity foundation she created called Bethel. It’s a home for young girls, 12 to 18 who have children out […]

    Lillian Cauldwell CEO/President of PWTR interview with Sarah Armstrong in her book “A Mom’s Guides to a Good Divorce.” Divorce can be complicated for the whole family.  Partners may be so entrenched on what they want out of the divorce. Tempers flaring and may use the children as pawns in what they want.  Sarah Armstrong provides information on how to make the divorce as empirical as possible.  Sarah talks about her divorce and […]

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