Lillian Cauldwell

8.13.19  Cool Your Heels with Lillian; Interviewed Author & Certified Nurse, Nina Venturella, who wrote a book called “Unveiled Truth.” What the doctor doesn’t tell you will harm you! Nina Venturella has been a nutritionist, instructor and personal trainer for over 26 years. Nina launched her first weight loss and wellness center, Spa-tacular Health in 2006. It was then with a client who struggled with edema that she realized she had this amazing process for […]

8.12.19  Cool Your Heels with Lillian; Interviewed Karen Lefkowitz, “Solar Waste” What do you do when your solar panels are damaged or outlived their warranty? Call Ghostbusters? Think again. There are only a few recycle places for these panels. Check with your local city or community recycle centers to find out what you need to do.

8.9.19  Cool Your Heels with Lillian Interviewed Henry Davis, “Creating Christianity: A Weapon of Rome”

8.8.19  Cool Your Heels with Lillian Interviewed Larry Vanderveen, “In Heaven for Awhile” Author and actor Larry Vanderveen lives with his wife in Los Angeles and near their three daughters. He is also the author of the one man play, “Meeting F. Scott Fitzgerald.” Jim Bentley is a high school astronomy teacher in Los Angeles. He lives alone and lonely. Then one day all that changes. He finds he is needed. There are people in […]

8.6.19  Cool Your Heels with Lillian interviewed African American Cartoonist, Leslie Talbal, “Off My Meds”  

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