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  The NBA is hoping to make a return soon, planning to open some team headquarters. We can not pray the NBA can beat those odds. The Pandemic is breaking our hope, leaving us with no escape only sports can provide. Even if only for a few hours. The NBA can provide that, even if players have to wear masks. But hope is the operative word here. That’s all we can do because the return […]

  Valerie Hollingsworth-Baker, President of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, located in Bronx, New York City, NY is an organization to empower black women and girls. We spoke about the safety of black women and girls and how many are snatched from the streets to be preyed upon overseas or in America’s hidden brothels. The sorority wants to bring to the politicians and community that this kidnapping of their women and girls can happen to anyone. […]

What happens to the caregiver once they are no longer a caregiver?  This is something you may not think about when you are deep into being a caregiver.  Really where do you start? These are topics that Betsy Wurzel and Jan Adams will be discussing in this interview.  What happened to you after being a caregiver and how did you move on?  I am sure many would find this information very helpful support.  We are […]

  Lillian Cauldwell interviews Christy Hall concerning her book on Age-Defying Skincare.  She wants to help guide women world of aesthetics.  Many of us have various issues with skin and Christy Hall can help you. Take some time and listen to the interview and if you have any questions or to contact Christy Hall concerning your skin, contact information will be on this blog. To listen to this really informative interview on skin with Lillian […]

Margaret Duriez and Christine Galenski-Martin Guest Bloggers on Passionate World Talk Radio   This article has been co-authored by  Margaret Duriez, co-founder of Fresh Rx Kids and Lox Farms and Christine Galenski-Martin, Development Director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County.  Farm to Family Program Created to Feed Families and Support Farmers During the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, more than 4,000 children and families from Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County will receive a week’s […]

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