On this episode of Energy Stoners™ Cafe podcast, host Toni Quest talks with author, educator and former New York City police officer, Tony DellaValle, about his book We’re the Police, Stories of an NYPD Patrolman:  Volume 1 and life as a police officer and after the force.   Please listen to this very interesting interview with Toni Quest and Tony DellaValle on his book We’re the Police.  Toni’s interviews are always very interesting. To purchase this […]

  Dan Riley is Host of Sports Talk and also does commentary shows. To listen to this episode concerning the COVID and how it has affected sports in so many ways.   Click here to listen… The disappearance Of sports is a reminder of the nasty reality COVID-19 has given us: fear, loss, and paranoia. How ironic that these unimportant games, then, are the distraction we need when it’s too risky to fill a stadium. We’ve […]

Holly Brown and her Team are joining me Jeanne White on this series “Skin is in” we are doing this series to help provide information for the many people that have Skin issues.    We would like it if you could participate with us in this series. I think it would be great to hear from you and let us know if you would like more information on the types of shows we will provide. […]

  Cool Your Heels with Lillian interviewed Diana Hopkins, “Feed the Change.” What is the Feed the Change? In this interview, Diane speaks about Menopause, Diet and her book will provide information to help you keep on track with changes in your life. Are you struggling with menopausal symptoms? Do you want to help control them without drugs or hormones? Do you want to eat foods that are rich in nutrients that can help minimize […]

  Lillian Cauldwells Interview with Jennifer Rhodes, CEO of Grandy organization, a membership app, and platform for grandparents and grandchildren to visit each other during the C virus and beyond. Grandy offers free services for quarantined elders to connect with their grandchildren online, bringing joy during these difficult times This is just a great program to have for children to continue to share some time together with their grandparents during these difficult times.  To listen […]

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