Quitting Is Not An Option

on Passionate World Talk Radio Dr. Dee Carroll on Passionate World Talk Radio Dr. Dee Carroll is an empowerment author, coach, podcaster (Quitting is Not an Option), and global speaker who has captivated audiences worldwide with her own story of transformation and reinvention! She is a passionate advocate for those embarking on a reinvention journey. A sought-after global speaker, she inspires, challenges, and empowers individuals and audiences to break free from the pain of their past and create a new life. Dr. Dee is renowned for using her incredible passion and captivating personal experience to support moving beyond challenges. In her book, Emotional Emancipation, she shares how she rose from the ashes becoming a Phoenix, who created a new life for herself, persevering through overwhelming odds to reinvent and transform her life.  In her upcoming book, Looking for Love in All the Wrong Place, Dr. Dee shares how self love is first and foremost and the secret to uncovering the love you want. A global powerhouse speaker, Dr. Dee delivers keynotes that are inspiring, empowering, and propel audience members forward. She is renowned for using her incredible passion and captivating personal experience to support others as they move beyond what’s holding them back. Dr. Dee Carroll Looking for LoveShe spent 28-plus years in HR and Management, founded and led a multi-million-dollar firm, and holds degrees in psychology and business administration and management, with aspirations towards an advanced degree in divinity focusing on Christian counselling.  Dr. Dee appeared before the United States Senate Committee on Housing and Urban Affairs and was featured in a CNN segment on the success of minority-owned businesses, in addition to numerous programs and articles. With her experience as a senior executive and entrepreneur, Dr. Dee has deep knowledge and skill in visioning and goal achievement, life/executive coaching, and workforce development. About Dr. Dee Carroll: Dee Carroll, PhD, an author, speaker, and consultant dedicated to helping people liberate themselves from their past to reinvent and transform their future. After a devastating setback in her own life, Dr. Dee beat the odds to create a beautiful life for herself and is determined to inspire and empower others to do the same. As the Emotional Emancipation Doctor, she aims to lead you to success, empower you to achieve your goals, and guide you to where you want to be. Dr. Dee Carroll Moving Beyond Dr. Dee Carroll contact@drdeecarroll.com www.drdeecarroll.com Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter


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