Eighteen & Elect: Essential Tips for Your First Vote


In the latest podcast episode, Lillian Cauldwell, the host of Lest We Forget-Historial, outlines a strategic approach for teenagers who are turning 18, have recently turned 18, or are about to reach eighteen. The focus is on guiding them through the pre-registration process for upcoming elections. The episode offers valuable tips and step-by-step advice on how teenagers can proactively gather the necessary information, emphasizes the essential documents for identity verification, and underscores the importance of thoroughly reading and following the provided instructions.

Ms. Cauldwell recommends that teenagers carefully review the instructions multiple times to ensure a clear understanding of the process and verify the accuracy of the information provided.

We offer an audio interview featuring Lillian Cauldwell discussing the approach to turning 18 and acquiring crucial information about the democratic voting process for elections.

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