Beyond the Veil: Unlocking Your Psychic Potential

Show #33

Jackie commenced the session by introducing her guest, Rachel Neate, esteemed President of Oldham Spiritualist Church in England. Rachel, known for her dual talents as an evidential medium and soulful singer, seamlessly blends her mediumship with melodious performances, delivering profound messages from the spirit realm through music. Jackie highlighted Rachel’s remarkable abilities and invited her to share insights into nurturing budding mediums, emphasizing the importance of divine guidance and protection.

Delving into the interconnectedness of souls and the role of spirit guides, Jackie and Rachel explored the initial steps for mediumistic development, emphasizing the significance of invoking divine white light for protection and welcoming spirit communicators into one’s sphere. Rachel shared a captivating anecdote about her encounter with a spirit guide, reaffirming her belief in the presence and guidance of spiritual entities.

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