Finding A Home in Stories: A Journey in Storytelling


Betsy Wurzel recently had the pleasure of chatting with David Alfaro Serrano on her show, and their conversation was a journey in itself. David’s story is quite remarkable: originally from Peru, he wandered through various South American countries before finding his way to the United States in 2013. While pursuing a Ph.D. in Economics, David stumbled upon something unexpected – storytelling.

As David shared his tale, it became clear that storytelling wasn’t just a hobby for him; it was a calling. Through serendipity or fate, he found himself drawn to “Tales from the Six,” a lively storytelling group that became his second family. They provided the support and camaraderie he needed to flourish as a storyteller.

David’s passion for storytelling only grew deeper after he took some storytelling classes in 2020. He couldn’t stress enough the importance of finding your tribe in the storytelling community, where encouragement and shared experiences abound.

Their conversation naturally flowed into the transformative power of storytelling. David spoke passionately about how it brings people together, offering comfort during tough times and a beacon of hope for the future.

Nowadays, you can catch David and his fellow storytellers gracing stages in theaters across New York City and New Jersey, weaving tales that leave audiences spellbound. For David, storytelling isn’t just about finding his voice; it’s about finding his home in a community where his passion thrives.

Sharing the audio interview featuring Betsy Wurzel and David Alfaro Serrano as they delve into his storytelling journey.

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