Today’s Lest You Forget Series is about the Native American Resistance and Women Native American Warriors.

Lisa Skinner discusses how the Native American Population dwindled from millions to 238,000 from wars and raids. Lisa discussed the Little Bighorn battle on June 25th, 1876, and how the Native Americans took over Alcatraz on November 20th,1969.  Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, California was occupied for 19 months. After Alcatraz, the US government began spying on Native Americans’ activities. Lisa Skinner encourages the audience to learn about the history that we aren’t taught about in schools!

Lillian Cauldwell discussed Native American Women Warriors who did male chores such as hunting and going into battles to protect their land. Some of the women warriors dressed as men and some wore traditional women’s clothing. The male warriors said they had a male warrior spirit. Lillian encourages the audience to read and educate themselves about these brave women warriors!

Betsy Wurzel discussed how she didn’t know about  Alcatraz Island and the dark side of American History concerning the Native Americans. Betsy’s opinion is The USA is a wonderful country but there was a Holocaust here with the Native Americans. Betsy also discussed how Native Americans were portrayed in Hollywood and discussed an episode about how a young Native American boy was depicted in “Here Come The Brides ” which was a weekly show from 67 to 68. We all want the same things for ourselves and our families which are food, shelter, employment, safety, and a sense of belonging.  So why can’t we all get along and set aside our differences? Betsy would like to know your answers to the issues they are dealing with.

We are providing the Audio Interview with our Host on Alcatraz Island and Native Americans:

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