John Farrell discusses his newest book, “The CLOCK and the CAMSHAFT “And Other Medieval Inventions We Still Can’t  Live Without.
John discusses why he wrote this book and discusses the many Medieval inventions that are still used today such as glasses, camshaft that is used in cars, printing press, how Viking ships were created, and the clock!
John talked about how Universities were started and that is one of his favorite social inventions!  The churches at that time wanted clocks on their buildings. There were many churches that benefited from some of the inventions and were even involved with them.
Really fascinating how these inventions became so popular.  A good example is a Yoke between two oxen which is still used today!
The book is available in audio format. Please go to John W.Farrell ‘s website to know more about his amazing work and accomplishments.

To listen to this amazing interview on Inventions and The Clock:

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