Keys, Bags, Names, Words, the World of Alzheimers


Betsy’s guests for today include Cynthia Stone, a renowned Producer and Director, celebrated for her impactful and emotionally resonant documentary titled “Keys Bags Names, Words.” With an illustrious career spanning nearly three decades, Cynthia Stone is an Award-winning filmmaker specializing in the creation of social justice documentaries.

The documentary features the compassionate and inspiring story of Jill Harmon, who selflessly cares for her husband, Don. Jill serves as a true embodiment of love, resilience, and the indomitable power of the human spirit. Through Cynthia Stone’s lens, their narrative unfolds in a way that captivates and touches the heart.

Jill takes us through her experiences as a caregiver to her husband, Don, offering insights into the challenges and rewards of her journey. She vividly recalls the lack of information available 16 years ago, emphasizing the need for more resources and support for caregivers. Jill also highlights the importance of education for caregivers, urging them to venture out and enjoy life with their loved ones despite the difficulties that may arise.

Betsy had the chance to catch this documentary, and she absolutely suggested it to everyone. “Keys, Bags, Names, Words” holds the potential to change how caregivers see things, providing a shift from a feeling of despair to a newfound sense of purpose, action, and connection.

For more information on this documentary and additional resources related to dementia and caregiving, please visit the documentary’s website.

Join Betsy, Jill, and Cynthia in this interview as they delve into the transformative power of a documentary tailored for caregivers, unraveling its compelling insights and invaluable offerings:

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