I am Mrs. Berrah a widow. My Husband Dr. Ghoulem Berrah was an eminent scientist and a diplomat. As an Ambassador he circled the world many times and decided to write his memoir A DREAM For PEACE  for a charitable cause.

Our Common faith is part of his memoir that is related to The Dr.Ghoulem Berrah FoundationMrs. G. Berrah based on Interfaith. In Dr. Ghoulem Berrah’s book, he envisions a world with a better understanding between people of different faiths that entails a more fraternal world.

His vision was inspired by our life together, he as a devout Muslim married to me a fervent Roman Catholic for forty years. We always thought that the world as we know it today yearns for more understanding between human beings. If we dissect what religions teach us; the Love of God and the Love of our neighbor we can discuss what entail those words and how that can be applied to our relationship with others hence with people from a faith different from ours.

The Love of Our Neighbor, We need to realize that each person is a reflection of the unique power of God’s creativity and appreciates the uniqueness of each other.  Starting from there we need to accept our differences, small or big, this part of the love of our neighbor.

Mrs. Berrah is the host of this series for her husband Dr. Ghoulrm Berrah and his” A Dream for Peace.”  Guest Podcast Host: This New Program is: “Our Common Faith: A Plea for Inter-Faith Harmony” with the first series is about Love

Continuing the work of her husband, Dr. Berrah, Dr. Ghoulem Berrah believes in world peace and is taking her husband’s message and books one step further. Explaining how we can all enjoy a world peace by working and maintaining one common faith.

Dr.Ghoulem Berrah was a diplomat, an eminent scientist, and an extraordinary man who believed that “only dialogue can save humanity from the perils of war. He was born in Algeria and came to the U.S. as a Fulbright scholar. He earned a Ph.D. in Microbiology at Indiana University and a member of the New York Academy of Sciences. After teaching at Yale University’s School of Medicine, he resigned to focus on a quest for peace around the world. A devout Muslim married to a fervent Roman Catholic, he sowed the seeds for cooperation and respect among people of all faiths.


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