Host Jackie’s Proof Animals Have Souls & Psychic Show,  welcomes listeners to email her their psychic and mediumistic experiences involving and not involving spirit animals. Jackie is looking forward to discussing listeners’ questions and views and explained it’s a good policy to agree to disagree and that many experiential accounts can be life-changing for the experiencer and listener alike. Send your Emails to Jackie!

As both human and non-human animals including birds, dream, with rapid eye movement sleep, and all feel pain through nerve endings, and many demonstrate the deepest, profound love and loyalty to us and each other, I explained I believe it is egocentric and simplistic to say some beings survive death and others don’t! I don’t want immortality in barren, lifeless after-death landscapes if other souls from the natural world did not share it with us, that’s no heaven! Many who share
their lives with animals know the ocean depths of their love, loyalty, and emotions towards us and each other.

Jackie introduced future topics including reincarnation, the transmigration of the soul from a human animal to a non-human animal, and vice versa. Also introduced some ancient mystical teachings believing they are born of mystical or mediumistic experiences far superior to human-made religious dogmas. Ancient mystical teachings from most world religions understand that beyond our individuality, at a much deeper level, each individual being, whether large or minute, 2 or 4 legged, winged or tailed, is an integral part of the Universal Self, or Universal Unconsciousness which Hindus call Brahman. Others call this Unity, the Source or God. Interestingly, this pantheistic doctrine of the identity of God is alternatively named the Universal self.

Listeners learned some future shows will include interviews with mediums and psychics and other interviewees’ memorable mediumistic and psychic experiences including and not including spirit animals and angels! Jackie will also ask them to discuss their life path, progressing their soul, and discuss my books, Moses and Jesus the Shamans, (Mediums), and my Proof Animals Have Souls Series, including Proof Animals Have Souls, and 500+ Celebrities Go Vegetarian, all sold
on Amazon.

We are providing the Audio interview with Jackie- Jones-Hunt: Have you had a Psychic Experience?


Jackie invites listeners to provide her with their psychic and mediumistic accounts including those concerning orbs, spirit people, and spirit animals, for future discussions.

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Jackie Jones-Hunt
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