Hi everyone:  Lillian Cauldwell, Mark Stowers have some exciting news for all of you. Santa Claus is coming to Passionate world Talk Radio this December.  This is so exciting because Santa is going to visit with all of us via his computer.  We are providing some information on how to be able to see Santa and ask Santa some important questions. For more information on Santa’s visit Please […]

It was wonderful and exciting for my first visit to Italy on a tour with my friend Marie.  Our visit started in Milan, Italy.  It was so exciting to be on this great vacation to Italy.  We dropped off our suitcases in the room and went off to explore this beautiful city. We had coffee and just walked around the city. I think we also jumped on a bus to see more of Milan.  From […]

8.19.19 Cool Your Heels with Lillian: Interviewed Jennie Edwards, “Bumping Down the Highway.” RVing all around the United States and meeting a whole lot of people like her.

Jeanne White, Amare, and Relief About a month ago I wrote a blog on Interview with Heidi Wilde, which was so educational.   Since that Interview, I have become a customer of Amare and joining as a Wellness Partner. Let me tell you why I joined as a partner with Heidi Wilde. The products are so great and each has scientific evidence for these products.  This a mental health company that wants to help you with […]

I wanted to show you a before and after picture of Heidi Wilde on her journey to get her health back on track. You can see just that in her smile and confidence. I really enjoyed this show with Heidi.  I love it when someone has the passion to make a difference and this is what I felt talking to Heidi.   You will get honesty and passion working with Heidi to help you with your […]

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