On today’s episode of Lest We Forget, we discussed  Whoopi Goldberg’s comment that she made on The View and they each gave our opinions on it.

Lillian discussed her personal experiences, the power of words and how her grandchildren are experiencing bigotry, and that we should not forget the Holocaust.
Lisa discussed the research that she did about Hilter and the Holocaust, what she learned, and immigration information.
Betsy discussed her own personal experiences with Anti-Semitism, family history, and how much she has been enlightened about the history of Anti-Semitism in America!
This is the conclusion on The United States and the Holocaust and how each host discussed the issues and the ongoing issues that plague the Jewish Community today. If we do not face these issues History will continue to repeat itself and Humanity will be lost in all of this.
We are providing the Audio interview with Lillian, Lisa, and Betsy on the History of the Holocaust:

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