Today’s show, Lisa Skinner discusses Japanese  Internment Camps, how the Japanese were rounded up and lost their businesses, and houses, and how Franklin D. Roosevelt was very concerned about public opinion! Lillian Cauldwell discussed how the Americans were no better than the Germans when it came to placing people in internment camps! How the USA does discriminate against immigrants and we need to learn from the past! 
Betsy Wurzel discussed an article from the Washington Post concerning immigration and how Jews were treated in Florida. There was discrimination concerning Jews in Florida as to where they can live, shop or go to a hotel! There were signs “No Jews or dogs allowed”! Betsy feels we have more in common with each other than different!  Betsy expressed her opinion: “We don’t  have to like someone’s ethnicity  but we don’t  have the right to bully, torment or kill others because  they are different!”
We are providing the following articles for you to read on this subject.

Very informative article about the history of Jews in Florida. The Jews of Florida

The Washington Post Article about Asylum Seekers. You read this article here
You would think that as a New Immigrant Group came to America the prior Immigrant Group that came to America would be more understanding of this new group. No! they behaved the same way in discriminating against these new immigrants.
There is much more in this discussion on discrimination and more in the Audio Interview we are providing.

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Amazon:  Ken Burns’s documentary: The US And  The Holocaust


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