What2DoWhen Too Many Opportunities Arrive

When it rains, it pours!

You’ve heard that expression often enough.

What does it mean?

It means too many opportunities have come together all at once.

You’re left to choose which opportunity is your best bet, and let the rest fall by the wayside.

I have that predicament happen to me.

I was approached by a major terrestrial station. It’s one of those stations that a good host dreams about at

night along with the sugar-plum fairies.

The problem is: when is too much too much?

Too much of a good thing

Shaken into wakefulness, I read their contract yesterday. They pulled no punches. Everything straight

forward and clear. That’s when it hit me.

Do I really want a third gig? Do I really want to fill my waking hours with so many things to do in an already

crowded schedule?

It’s not that their contract said anything differently than the one I send out to prospective client hosts. They’re

almost similar in what the station will do for them or not do, what the station will tolerate and not tolerate, and

the rules, policies, regulations, and all the other gook that goes along with a standard contract.

No, what shook me was that I was committing myself to another hour-long program composed of two 30-minute

programs that will take more time to put together because it involves research, homework, and more guests to

invite onto the show.

It was at that point that my inner child threw a tantrum and said “NO!”


My inner child reminded me that I’m committed to another station for another 1 hour program every week

plus a video. In 2019, my station PWTR was starting Roku TV where we would rent out our own TV channels

to aspiring hosts. Did I want to tie myself down with more responsibility that I already had?

Inner Children

Inner children are a good thing to have. Mines been active almost all my life. It’s what I call my “inner voice.” It

stops me from doing dumb things. Like this one.

It ain’t over until the fat lady sings (opera reference).

My inner child was reminding me that I have only 24 hours in a day. 12 hours are assigned to sleeping, eating, and

spending time with spouse, performing various activities (bell ringing, water volleyball, shuffleboard), mundane stuff,

grocery shopping, gassing up the car, bank run, hair run, doctor’s visit, etc.

I won’t bore you with my list if you don’t bore me with yours.

Reminding Me

My inner child reminded me that I have a whole host of stuff to do in those remaining 12 hours. 8 of them in which

I sleep.

Should I?

Shouldn’t I?

Should I not do it?

In the final run of things, I decided not to do it.

Nothing Formalized

Nothing is signed.

No money sent. I need sponsors to pay for the program. The line for Sponsorship is pretty non-existent at the moment.

No rush to sign the contract until I have that Sponsorship.

I’m not paying up-front.

The contract will have to wait.

I’ll have to write a Dear John letter explaining that my exuberance got a hold of me and cast me into the deep pool of


We all face that.




Visions of sugar-plums dancing in our heads.


The next time an opportunity comes along, no how matter how golden, make sure you and your inner

child are on the same page.

Take a good look at your schedule and decide whether you have that precious time to initiate that project.

If the answer is no, truthfully no, no matter how painful it is, don’t sign on the dotted line.

Draw a deep breath and repeat after me.

No matter how golden that ring is.

No matter how much it’s shouting at you to complete your life’s desire…ambition…success…

if you don’t have the time, then don’t sign on the ……… line.

It will overwhelm you.

Take over your life.

Possibly ruin an important relationship.

Turn away from its gleam.

It’s not worth the hassle, the headaches, the money.

Until next time… .

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