What2DoWhen: You’re Sick & You’re the Primary Care Giver or Bread Winner?

What2DoWhen: You’re Sick and You’re the Primary Care Giver or Support Line?

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Lillian S. Cauldwell: What2DoWhen?

Lillian S. Cauldwell, CEO/President

What2DoWhen You’re the Primary Care Giver or Support Line for your family and you’re down with the flu? a Cold? An Asthma Attack. Something that brings you down so low that you can’t see the forest from the trees.

You’re number 1 responsibility is to take care of the situation.

Taking Care

It’s difficult to take care of a situation when there’s no family around you. It’s even more difficult if you’re on a limited budget. Lots of choices that are out there will be beyond your reach.

Not all is lost. You still have friends who might help you help when you phone them and explain the situation to them. I’ve never heard of a friend who unwillingly don’t want to help. They remember perhaps in the future they might find themselves in the same situation. They’ll do what they can.

Shock Treatment

I got the shock of my life when I called up my son and explained to him I was sick with a bad cold. My left eye was blocked with eye duct leakage and I had a nasty cough. Could he help me out?

Might as well been on my deathbed. Yes, he had a cold, too. He’s also 25 years younger than I. I remember when he was sick, I had to take him to the doctor. Nothing stopped me. I guess he doesn’t remember that. Or how I hunted all over Houston, TX to find a 24-hour drugstore so I could buy him medicine for his cold. Guess he forgot that as well.

The reason for going down memory lane is that if one solution doesn’t work, there are other solutions for you to follow.

For example, there are 24-hour drugstores that have delivery service. Let your fingers do the walking on the internet and find out which drugstores are located in your area and see if they will deliver the needed medicine to you. The sound of a sick child or moaning dog always does the trick.

There are many Medical Emergency stores located all over cities and towns these days. Find out which ones connect to your health plan so that when you go there, your visit is covered. Otherwise it’s out of pocket.

There are still free clinics abound. Find out where they are located and go to them. The staff are reliable and much of the time are doctors in training. Which shouldn’t stop you. Going to see a medical professional is better than trying to doctor yourself.

Care Giver or Primary Salary Earner

It doesn’t matter which role you’re filling. The truth is that you’re the primary person responsible for the health, wealth, and well-being of your family. What they called formerly, the head of your household.

If you’re the Care Giver, call up an agency and find out if they can send out an assistant to take over your role as Care Giver. No sense in giving your illness to your spouse, parent, family member, or a friend. 

If you’re the primary breadwinner, don’t go to work sick. You’re not doing any one a favor. Cold spreads. So does the flu. Even though wearing a mask might slow down the process of transmittal, you still cough, sneeze, and hack your way through a day’s work. Naturally, you’re resistance to picking up more of the same is out there. Also, you require rest and plenty of liquids to see you through the day. Working isn’t an option.

I should know. For me, laying in bed isn’t an option. My legs will freeze and will be of no use after several hours. However, I can still rest on the couch listening to music, drinking tea with honey or tea with lemon, whatever is your choice of flavoring.

As a Care Giver, you must ensure that you don’t get your responsibility sick. Sleep in a different bed if they’re your spouse. Don’t kiss them and avoid close contact with them. It isn’t permanent. Just a safety precaution not to get them sick along with you.

Alcoholics don’t like to drink alone.

Sickies don’t like to be sick by themselves, but don’t overdue it. Turn on the radio, tv, or laptop or tablet. Listen to soothing music. Do gentle exercise. Nothing to work up a sweat, but something that will stretch your limbs and keep you from stiffening up.

Don’t prepare food for the family. Use frozen dinners. Eat out of the can. Tuna fish, salmon, chicken. There’s all sorts of ways to feed your family without spreading your germs.

Have them go out to eat and bring back a doggie bag for you. Make it safe for them. Cough into your hand. Sneeze into a hankie or into your hand. Wash your hands. Everyone wash their hands. Wear warm clothing in layers. Wear slippers. Wear socks and shoes.

Remember, that you’re the primary breadwinner or Care Giver and responsible for their mental health and well being.

Don’t let that responsibility slip through your hands.

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