Today’s guest is Laura Brennan Ballet a Life Empowerment  Coach, Motivational Speaker, JEKL 10’s, and JEKL FLEX Instructor at JEKL in Plainville, CT., Blogger, Interviewer, and Author of “The SCIENCE of EMPOWERMENT, J3= ENEGATIVE, POSITIVE, NEUTRAL.  Which one are you? Laura’s brother Chris Brennan is the Founder of JEKL and J3 Formula. The interview explains more about the JEKL and J3 Formula procedure process.

Laura discusses she wrote this book to help others have an empowered life!   Laura discussed with Betsy the 5 principles of an Empowered Life which are  Awareness, Willingness, Accountability, Critical Thinking, and Energy, and Laura goes into detail in the interview about these principles. Betsy read this book and she discusses how it has changed her life! This book just may change many lives.
Both Betsy and Laura discuss whether we can choose empowerment or victimhood and how letting goes of guilt, resentment or hostility frees us to have positive energy!
We are proving the Audio Interview with Betsy and Laura on ways to help us in our journey to making our lives more meaningful:

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Laura Brennan Ballet
 Laura’s coaching and the JEKL Formula are on the website.
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Betsy Wurzel
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