Jackie welcomes Sandy Ingham, a seasoned medium of 76 years hailing from Truro, Cornwall. At the age of 60, Leo, her spiritual guide identified as Leonardo Da Vinci, took a prominent role in her experiences. In a captivating display, both of Sandy’s hands, guided by Leo, simultaneously crafted two distinct paintings—one portraying spirit animals and the other depicting spirit people. Despite lacking any formal artistic abilities or training, Sandy has authored notable books such as “The Mediumship and Psychic Art of Sandy Ingham Book 1″ and “Drawing on the Passed.”

During their conversation, Sandy recounted a fascinating incident aboard a cruise where she witnessed a spirited horse walking through a wall. To her astonishment, she later discovered that the beloved spirit horse had once belonged to a lady in the adjacent room.

We are providing an audio interview featuring Jackie and Sandy as they delve into the fascinating realm of spirit guides and share Jackie’s unique experiences:

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