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Jackie Jones-Hunt on PassionateWorldTalkRadio My show will encompass my passion for animals and their incredibly heightened senses, and all things spiritual, psychic, and mediumistic! My long-term passion has always been exploring Shamanic, Out of Body & Near-Death Experiences, and Mediumship (channeling), proving all beings survive death as a fact of nature.

I wholeheartedly invite listeners to email thoughts, comments, views, and personal psychic, and mediumistic experiences to be discussed in forthcoming shows! I have a love of all animals; every individual has character and personality! Importantly, all have emotions, feelings, and nerve endings, that feel pain!

So many animals show incredible love, loyalty, telepathic, and psychic abilities and demonstrate their after-death survival as anyone knows who has lived with or spent considerable time with, a dog, cat, horse, cow, monkey, etc. I discuss my books on my website www.jackiejoneshunt.com during my Zoom Talks, and TV and Radio Interviews.

I have had countless personal, psychic &; mediumistic experiences proving to me that life continues after physical death for all beings, whether 2 or 4-legged, winged, or tailed! These experiences have certainly impacted my life. These include when I hemorrhaged and fought for my life.

The human animal forgets we, too, are biologically classified as animals, mammals, and primates, and importantly we have tails in our mothers’ wombs! I also offer Tarot, Angel Cards; Angel Dice Readings Online with positive accurate feedback.

I give predictive information and intuitive counseling in all areas of life. These are 1 to 1, face-to-face, or voice only, using Watts App or Facebook Messenger. I hope to bring my above favorite topics to my show and heartily welcome and encourage listeners to email me their broad-ranging views and psychic and mediumistic experiences of animals and people to be discussed in my following shows. My show will evolve from there!

About Jackie Jones-Hunt

My passion has always been teaching my psychical research leisure classes in Universities and colleges. Lively, fascinating discussions always followed.

I have an MPhil; Ph.D. in Shamanic, Out of Body & Near Death Experiences & Evidential Mediumship. My earlier BA Hons Degree & Postgraduate were in Arabic & Islamic Studies; Religious Studies & later Psychology, Education & Counselling. I am a historian of spirituality.

I was the book Review Editor, writing my regular Columns for the ASCSI Journals, namely the Academy for Spiritual & Consciousness Studies Inc. Prof. Archie Roy (Scotland, UK) who wrote the foreword to one of my books established me as a Committee Member for the Scottish Society for Psychical Research, (SSPR).

My longstanding psychical research investigations led to my long-term friendship with Gordon Higginson, the world-renowned, wonderful evidential medium and long-term President of the Spiritualist National Union, based at the Arthur Findlay College, UK. I am a long-term vegetarian for compassionate reasons, believing no one has the right to cause harm or suffering to any other being. I am an experienced dog parent, typically telepathic with my dogs!

I am a long-term Spiritualist and Reiki Healer. I am the author of 3 books to date on Amazon: Moses, Jesus, the Shamans (Mediums): Proof Animals have Souls – Proof Animals have Souls Series 500+ Celebrities: Go Vegetarian: – Proof Animals have Souls Series



Website: www.jackiejoneshunt.com Email address  jackiejoneshunt@gmail.com

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