A Nurse tells story of injury and violence in the ER

Sheila Wilson, Nurse, and Advocate for safety in the workplace

Sheila Wilson is interviewing a Nurse about issues in the ER and other places in the Hospitals. This Nurse speaks about an incident that happened to him.  What happens to the Nurses and Physicians in the ER is unacceptable.  Please send your comments or suggestions on this interview to Sheila Wilson.

To hear this very interesting interview-Click here to listen…

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Sheila also has written a book called “The Shocking Reality of Violence in Healthcare” This book has a wealth of information.  Perhaps you could purchase this book for a friend or family member in the Medical Community.  To purchase this book on Amazon   Please Click Here 

Please join Sheila Wilson’s Facebook,  Heal the Healer from Workplace Violence and be part of the solution. Help for the solutions for Nurses in the journey to get to a  better place.  To join this group to help in the movement to help your fellow workers in Health Care.  Please click here 

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1 Comment

  • by Betsy Sloan
    Posted March 18, 2020

    Great show!
    I am glad a male nurse was speaking up!
    So many nurses are ignored because of being female!
    So if more males would speak up maybe people will take health care violence seriously!

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