A Parent’s Guide to Navigating the Digital Landscape



On Shannon’s show, we have Clayton Cranford joining us. Clayton is a Sergeant in a Southern California law enforcement agency and the founder of Total Safety Solutions LLC. Renowned as one of the nation’s leading law enforcement educators, he specializes in social media awareness, child safety, and behavioral threat assessments. Clayton is also the acclaimed author of “Parenting in the Digital World,” a comprehensive guide on cyber safety for families.

Clayton’s brainchild, Cyber Safety Cop, offers a holistic Internet and social media safety program designed to empower parents and students in navigating online risks like cyberbullying, online predators, pornography, and social media overuse. Sergeant Cranford brings a wealth of experience, having served on the Orange County School Threat Assessment Team, as a School Resource Officer, and a Crisis Negotiation Team member. Additionally, he spearheaded Orange County’s drug abuse education program, positively impacting numerous students across Southern California.

In light of alarming research findings, it’s crucial to recognize the impact of screen time on teenagers’ mental health. Studies reveal a concerning correlation between excessive screen time and adverse mental health outcomes, including suicide-related thoughts. For instance, a 2017 study indicated that adolescents spending three hours or more daily on electronic devices were significantly more likely to experience such outcomes compared to those with limited screen time

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This program was created in 2021, but given its enduring relevance, we’ve decided to reshare it in light of current events. The content remains timeless.

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