Acheving Success Through The Eyes Of Our Labels


Betsy Wurzel’s guest today is  Betsy Cerulo CEO of Adnet/Account Net which is a hugely successful boutique professional staffing and Executive search firm. Betsy Cerulo is also the Author and Writer of” SHAKE IT OFF LEADERSHIP: ACHIEVING SUCCESS THROUGH THE EYES OF OUR LABELS”.  Betsy Cerulo also obtained the first government 8A certification based on gender and LGBT discrimination. Betsy co-founded the Maryland LGBT Chamber of Commerce and Maryland LGBT Foundation!
Betsy Cerulo discussed with Beth Wuzel how in high school her coach would say “Shake it off” and how that stayed with her hence the book title!
Betsy discusses why she wrote the book, how it took 3 times to get the 8 A Certification, what it is, how Betsy started a successful business in 1990, and how she came out to her family.
Betsy Cerulo also discussed being resilient when facing obstacles and not giving up! Betsy Cerulo wrote this book to inspire others and hopefully, people will think about being more receptive to the LGBT community!

Please listen to this inspiring interview with Betsy Wurzel and Betsy Cerulo on she would like people to approach this holiday season!

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