Unveiling Mediumship and Angel Dice Predictions


In this blog (episode 20), Jackie introduces her books “Moses and Jesus the Shamans” and “Proof Animals Have Souls Series,” both acclaimed with 5-star reviews. We delve into the world of mediumship and the intriguing realm of Angel Dice predictions.

Moses and the Urim and Thummim Stones: In “Moses and Jesus the Shamans,” we journey back to a time when Moses turned to Urim and Thummim stones to seek guidance when he couldn’t directly commune with Yahweh. These stones played a pivotal role in his spiritual journey and were also linked to Aaron’s priestly attire. The book sheds light on the Bible’s politically motivated mistranslations that condemned mediumship, despite its rich history in Hebrew and Jewish culture.

Exploring Angel Dice Predictions: Pauline Oliver and Tony Hunt’s fascination with Angel Dice predictions led to intriguing results. They selected Angel Dice from a collection of over 30, casting them to predict major and minor life events for the upcoming 3-12 months. The predictions proved strikingly accurate, offering insights into life’s mysteries.

“Unveiling Mediumship and Angel Dice Predictions” offers a glimpse into ancient practices and modern tools for spiritual insight. It invites readers to explore the profound world of mediumship and experience the uncanny accuracy of Angel Dice’s predictions, much like Pauline Oliver and Tony Hunt did.

We’re providing the Audio Interview, for you to listen to the discussion featuring Jackie Jones Hunt, Pauline Olver, and Tony Hunt, as they delve into Angel Dice Predictions and various other subjects.

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