Toxic work environments can have major impact on you


Today’s guest is Marnie Dobson Zimmerman, Ph.D. Associate Director of the Center for Social Epidemiology in Los Angeles, California, and Campaign  Director of the Healthy Work  Campaign. Healthy Work Campaign is a project of The Center for Social Epidemiology.

Marnie discussed how the Healthy Work Campaign was started, and what the Healthy Work Survey is, and shared some information from that survey.  Marnie and I discussed how a toxic work environment can affect an individual’s performance and mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Betsy and Marnie discussed work overloads, handling grieving in the work environment, and how people in management would benefit from creating a positive atmosphere. Also discussed how employers should consider flexibility with employees who have children or who are caregivers.  Everyone would enjoy working in a healthy positive environment.

Dr. Peter Schnall is co-director of the Healthy Work Campaign and Founder and director of the Center for Social Epidemiology which is a 501 (c)( 3 )Non-profit foundation.  Healthy Work Campaign offers a variety of different resources on its website to help individuals and companies have a healthier work environment.

We are also, providing the Audio Interview with Betsy and Marnie on Toxic Work Environments and how Marnie has resources to help you.  This interview is for you and how there is help!

Betsy also recommends going to the website and taking the Healthy Work Survey which is confidential.

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