Introducing a new host Audrey  O’Neal, MS, MFA, LMHC, Clinical Mental Health Counselor: HeartMath Certified Practitioner, Certified in Human Subjects Research, Collaborative Institutional Training Institute 2020 to View credential,  PsyD Clinical Psychology Candidate- California Southern University

Audrey O’Neal holds an MS in Mental Health Counseling from Walden University and is in the process of completing a doctorate (PsyD) in Clinical Psychology at California Southern University. Audrey O’Neal’ places emphasis on a holistic approach to mental and emotional wellness and is certified as a HeartMath practitioner through the HeartMath Institute. Ms. O’Neal enjoys working with creative, high functioning clients in tackling personal and professional challenges through the use of skills they need to learn in order to thrive in their lives.

O’Neal has worked as a therapist for a nonprofit organization where she facilitated groups such as Beyond Trauma, Seeking Safety, Recovery Support, and Grief Support and also provided psychotherapy to clients. In addition, she also held a position as a child-parent psychotherapist working at a child welfare agency in New York. Ms.O’Neal is a licensed mental health counselor in the state of New York

The name of the new show is “Creative Psychotherapy”  This show will consist of a forum to discuss research and interventions focused on the practice of psychotherapy. The format will include interviews with experts in the field as well as the host presenting topics in psychology supported by research.  The show is pre-recorded, however, listeners may e-mail questions for the guest or host.For more information on the blogs:  Audrey O’Neal Blog: contact Dr. Audrey O’Neil  – e-mail:
To contact by Phone: (408) 650-9693Listen to “Creative Psychotherapy” on Spreaker.

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