Barbara Bush Foundation Launches Educational Toolkit to help Families on homeschooling


Please take some time and listen to this interview for families dealing with homeschooling for their children.

Lillian Cauldwell spoke with British Robinson President and CEO at Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy. The Barbara Bush Foundation is encouraging parents and caregivers to explore free online resources to help children continue building critical literacy skills while schools are closed.

Listen to this important interview on Education for Children with Lillian Cauldwell and British Robinson  –Click here to listen…

“The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy provides a Tool Kit to address the needs of lower-income families with school-age children and adults who lack a high school education. These Tool Kits provide resources, information, and educational content for these families via the internet. The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy is in partnership with National Geographic, the Smithsonian, PBS, and other educational institutions to provide a wide range of educational material to children and adults who wish to continue their education and learn how to read during this global epidemic.”

The educational toolkit can be found on the Barbara Bush Foundation’s website  Click Here

Also, I encourage all that are reading this, to go to the About the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy Website Please click here   Education is so powerful

Please share this information, I am providing.  There maybe someone that could use this information for Family Literacy to families at this health crisis continues.   Honestly, you really do not know who you can help, until you share this information. Important to share.

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