Being assaulted is not part of the job



My guest today is Joanne, a nurse that was assaulted 7 years ago. We discussed her assault and how she was pushed by a woman that was having a panic attack.  From that push, she experienced severe pain, and using ice didn’t help. When she was seen by the Physician and had the correct treatment she was told that push or shove dislocated the hardware that was in her shoulder from a skiing accident years ago.  Causing severe pain. She would need further surgery.
We also discussed PTSD and going for therapy was extremely helpful. Being assaulted leaves a scar on most people, it works differently on everyone. Joanne a nurse that worked many jobs, many hours a week not only lost her ability to work but also lost all her income and had to use her savings.
In all honesty, you need to listen to this Nurse and her story. There are many Nurses that may have very similar stories, could be your daughter, sister, or wife that encounter these brutal assaults in a hospital setting: Click here to listen…
Being assaulted is not part of the job, we shouldn’t be afraid of getting assaulted, we should have safe working conditions.
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