Whine and Cheese Show with Host Sheila Wilson.  The guests that will be on the Whine and Cheese Show today with Sheila Wilson, RN, will be Elizabeth Dalton, RN, Amy Smith, RN, and Beckett Augat, RN.  The discussion will be on the COVID-19 and the Nurses working in an abused environment on the front lines. It is amazing that this type of abuse is still alive and well. The hospitals maybe denying staff enough equipment […]

Sheila Wilson Host of the Whine and Cheese Show will be continuing on with discussion on this pandemic and how it is affecting the medical community.  This week the guests that are joining Sheila Wilson on the Whine and Cheese show, Beckett Augat RN, Elizabeth Dalton RN, Sue Fernandez,  Advocate for the elderly, and Consultant. The topic is on the possibility of an unsafe facial mask and why are the nurses still wearing.them.  They talk […]

Sheila Wilson, RN Host of the Whine and Cheese and her panel of Nurses, Elizabeth Dalton RN,  Amy Smith RN, Liz McTomney RN.  The nurse gives an update on the status of equipment. They also discuss how will the chemicals used for the facial mask affect the nurse’s health in the future?  Listen to what is said about the conditions of the mask that they have to wear. Would you wear the mask under these […]

  Lillian Cauldwell interviews Dr. Mandy Simon, Clinical Researcher, Mental Health, Professor speaks about Finding your Holy Grail. Dr. Mandy Simon created a Video Series to help people to try to make sense and to work through the sudden new world we all are in. Dr. Mandy Simon was working as a front-lines clinician helping to stop the flow of COVID-19. During that time Dr. Mandy Simon spoke with over 20 of the world’s leading […]

To listen to this Spotlight Interview with Sheila Wilson RN, Beckett Augat RN, and Amy Smith RN, produced by Michael Connell, KC Visuals Unlimited, Inc, Boston Making a Difference.  Contact Mike Connel on Facebook.   Michael Connell The nurses speak very candidly on the conditions they are working in and little support.  Listen to this candid interview on what is happening to the Nurses on the frontlines. Click here to listen… If you have any questions […]

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