Betsy Wurzel

Betsy Wurzel is an Advocate and Caregiver.  Betsy talks about being a caregiver and the importance of taking care of yourself.  Self-care is so important for the caregiver. Betsy speaks about depression and how Betsy realized how important to talk to someone to help you.  Counseling helped Betsy in so many ways.  Betsy speaks very openly on how she was almost at the breaking point and reached out for help.  There is so much on this interview that may help you in so many ways. Please listen to the audio and listen to what Betsy has to say about taking care of yourself.

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If you need to speak with Betsy, contact Betsy on Facebook.  Click Here  Betsy is a seasoned Caregiver and has a wealth of information.  Please reach out and ask. You have no idea how a few words can help you in a problem you may have.  

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