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  Well, the Interview with Mike McKenna on Digital Accessibility was an eye-opener for me.  Sometimes you do not realize that not everyone has accessibility to the Internet. I know sometimes we take for granted the ability to click on the computer and have access to everything on the Web.  How can you access the Web if the company does not have some sort of means for you to access the website?  Mike McKenna speaks […]

Santa and Mrs. Claus visited us to talk about the happenings at the North Pole with Rudolph and the other Rendieerrs. It was fun to talk with Santa and Mrs. Claus. I hope you enjoy this video with Santa as much as I did. It really was sooooooooooooo much fun. Thank you for watching this video with Santa Claus   Make it a Brilliant day Jeanne White Station Manager/Host Passionate World Talk Radio Email:

Hello everyone.  I am Jeanne White, Station Manager/Host on Passionate World Radio.  I had the opportunity to do a Video Interview with Rick Hamill from Royalties. Very Interesting company that is able to provide a way to have your business posted all over the world.   While you are watching this video, Rick Hamill will provide information that will help the Small Business Owner and the Entrepreneur on using this company called Royalties. The Tools that […]

Hello everyone, I am thrilled that I have completed a wonderful interview with Elizabeth-Leigh Bradley, speaking about her journey as a caregiver.  Elizabeth speaks very candidly on her story as a caregiver for her mother.  How it finally caught up with her with the feeling of depression, suicidal thoughts and when she realized she desperately needed help.  How her husband helped her through the depression and much more.  This video is so dynamic on Elizabeth’s […]

              Hi everyone:  Lillian Cauldwell, Mark Stowers have some exciting news for all of you. Santa Claus is coming to Passionate world Talk Radio this December.  This is so exciting because Santa is going to visit with all of us via his computer.  We are providing some information on how to be able to see Santa and ask Santa some important questions. For more information on Santa’s visit Please […]

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