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Hi, Everyone. I hope all is going well for you today. If you are looking for someone to help promote your Ideas or Business, well let me introduce Michael Connell.  I met Mike at his 2nd Annual BBQ for a fundraiser for ALS and Alzheimer’s.  I was a guest speaker at this event and my topic was for the Caregivers that provide the care to a loved one with Dementia/Alzheimers. It was my first time […]

Many caregivers are really ill-prepared for this role to provide care with little or no support,  yet many caregivers will provide care to their loved ones while they have problems with their own health. These caregivers who provide care to individuals with chronic or disabling conditions are themselves at risk. There are many mental, and physical health problems that could arise from the caregiving situations and the strains of caring for frail or disabled relatives.  […]

Jeanne White, Amare, and Relief About a month ago I wrote a blog on Interview with Heidi Wilde, which was so educational.   Since that Interview, I have become a customer of Amare and joining as a Wellness Partner. Let me tell you why I joined as a partner with Heidi Wilde. The products are so great and each has scientific evidence for these products.  This a mental health company that wants to help you with […]

  Betsy talks very candidly on how the stress affected her and how she found that Happy Place. Betsy also talks about how she found ways to be stronger and more confident. Betsy discusses how she went into therapy to help herself.  Listen and maybe you will find something in this audio that may help you find your happy place. To listen to this interview with Betsy Wurzel on Empowerment    Click here to listen… […]

Marcia Burr speaks about different topics on ways to use the Library or Memory Cafes. Marcia also talks about the Alzheimer’s Music Fest, Dementia Spotlight, The Pick a Song Contest and much more.  There are many ways to get involved with bringing more awareness to this huge Dementia epidemic.  Nothing happens unless we get involved. To listen to Marcia Burr about helping each other and the Alzheimers Music Festival and much more  Click here to […]

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