Alzheimer’s – Caregivers and Alzheimer’s

Not an easy decision when you may need to leave your job to stay home and care for your loved one with Dementia/Alzheimers. Christina Turner speaks about the decisions to be made and what are the red flags leaving your loved one alone to work. The decision to stop working has a major effect on finances.  Are there other options to help you, so that you can continue to work.? Christina speaks from some of […]

Betsy Wurzel is a guest speaker on a weekly basis to give help and suggestions to all caregivers. Betsy has been a caregiver to her husband Matt. Betsy has also been a  caregiver for her mother-in-law and her Father.  Betsy has many years as a caregiver and has found solutions to the daily caregiving for her family.  This week Betsy is speaking on relationships for caregivers.  There was much discussion on relationships on facebook.  The […]

I suggest you have a pencil and paper for this discussion with Sue Fernandez and maybe a cup of coffee while you are listening. Every month Sue Fernandez will be providing information, tips to help you as a caregiver.  Knowledge with the role of a caregiver will so beneficial for you.  In this interview, Sue Fernandez talks about a caregiver package and why you should have one or why you need to have all Legal […]

Betsy Wurzel is a returning Guest Speaker on my Internet Radio Show.  Betsy always has something that she is sharing on what or how she handled something in her Caregiver Journey.  Do all these tips or suggestions apply to everyone “NO” If the tips or suggestions can help you that is what we are striving to help with.  If the tips or suggestions may not apply to your caregiving needs BUT you may know a […]

Marcia Burr is and Advocate for all caregivers.  In this episode with Marcia Burr, talks about the Life Raft and Dementia.  How each one needs a team to succeed.  To have a successful launch for the 4th of July parade, the team had to adjust and adjust to put the Life Raft together. Sometimes not sure what they were doing.  You see how this can apply to a family with a loved one with Dementia.  […]

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