Alzheimer’s – Caregivers and Alzheimer’s

  This is the continuing Advocate Series that Betsy is providing.  This is the opportunity to share and talk about being a caregiver.  This episode on Chatting with Betsy will be speaking Barbara Stewart, Author of the Caregivers Guidebook.    How to navigate the hospital setting.  When you are in a Doctors what do you talk about?  We all get overwhelmed as a caregiver and this book will be a very beneficial guide for you.  […]

  Betsy Wurzel is Interviewing Goerge Ackerman on how and why he became an Advocate for his Mother Sharon Riff Ackerman. George started Together for Sharon in memory of his mother Sharon Riff Ackerman who had Parkison Disease.   George wanted to raise awareness and Band together to find a cure.  There is much information on this audio, I hope you will listen and if you have any comments, to contact George Ackerman. For more information […]

Betsy Wurzel is doing Advocate Series to bring attention to how an why they are being Advocates for many reasons.  Betsy Wurzel’s interview today is with Sue Fernandez. Sue is an example of providing information that she had gained either in an article or at a Webinar.  You can always guarantee that the interview will be very informative.  So as I always say Grab a Pencil and Paper because you will get a wealth of information.  […]

  Betsy Wurtzel is doing an Advocate Series to bring attention to the Caregivers that providing their Voice to help their loved ones to work through the daily challenges that they may need help in.    On this Advocate series, Betsy Wurzel is interviewing Penny Patnaude on her journey as a caregiver and being the voice for the daily challenges that are encountered To listen to this interview as an advocate and the struggles with […]

  Betsy Wurzel’s guest today is Marisa Pasquini, CDP, CAEd, and Founder/Trainer of National Home Care. Also, Marisa Pasquini is also an Author of Surviving Dementia Without Losing Yor Mind. There are many difficulties that many caregivers have.  They talk about how Dementia does not only affect only the elderly population but it can happen at any age.  Hear about the new reality for caregivers. Please listen to the interview as it does have a […]

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