Betsy Wurzel Advocate and Caregiver Today’s show with Betsy Wurzel is on Music Therapy and how it helps her husband Matt in may ways.  Music is wonderful means of communicating and music could help calm some agitated behaviors.  You may find that music therapy could be helpful for your loved one. To listen to Betsy on how Music Therapy helps her husband Matt and the One Year Anniversary series with Betsy.  Surprise visits from some […]

Betsy and Matt in his Johnny Cash T-shirt Betsy talks about her journey on being a caregiver to her husband Matt.  What is happening for Matt and the Hallucinations. You can read and read on Hallucinations but when experience what happens in an Hallucination you just to not believe it is happening.  Betsy has kicked unknown people in Matt’s hallucination out of the house.  It is not recommended to argue with them because it is […]

Betsy Wurzell The interview with Betsy Wurzel is on Education and Living in the moment. Betsy explains that many do not understand the process of an Alzheimer Patient.  There are 7 stages and they are guides for what may happen to the patient as the disease progresses.  You have to understand what may be happening to your loved one.   There is a lot of information on the Internet for the progression.  Alzheimer Association has a […]

I have known Paul Schlosberg for some time. Paul has worked as a Mental Health Counselor for many years and made a transition to Wellness Coach.   Paul is an excellent wellness coach and has the heart of a yogi.  Paul talks about counseling and how Mindfulness plays a part to help his clients.  We also talk about Meditation and the Breathing that could be of help to many individuals.  I hope you enjoy this interview […]

  Hello aspiring movie directors that have a short documentary, movie that you are having a problem to find a multiple media company that would be willing to provide a venue.  Well look no more.  We would like to talk with you on any projects you are working on.  Nothing happens unless you ask. If you are interested in talking with us, send your information to Lillian Cauldwell or Jeanne White at for review. […]

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