Hand in Hand Your Body & Soul walk down the aisle together.

A little bit of body and a whole lot of Soul!

Lillian Cauldwell is starting a new Podcast called Body & Soul. She believes that the body and soul work together, holding hands, and the type of behavior one sees in a person on the outside is the same type of behavior that their spiritual nature utilizes also.

For example, if you’re an angry person and lash out at everyone, chances are that you’re angry inside spiritually as well. That you last out at yourself because of your anger. You have no control over it. Your anger controls you. As a result, your behavior is angry. Everyone you come into contact with will feel the results of this anger.

Until you learn how to control your anger and learn how to curb it, learn what buttons are pushed for you to act that way, you and your spiritual side will continue to lash out at people and blame them for whatever ails you.

The fact that you won’t or can’t take responsibility for your actions will reverberate throughout your life. The angrier you become, the more angry you’ll be inside. There will be consequences to pay for this anger.

Health becomes a big issue. You can make yourself sick with stress. You can make yourself hurt yourself. You might become more aggressive. Insulting. Combative. You might even try suicide since your mind determines that no one cares or is listening to you.

Your job or career might become affected. If you don’t learn to lessen your anger by speaking truths that might not sit well with the people who are present, you’ll make enemies, force people out of your life, make yourself internally miserable.

Forget the adage: It’s better to be miserable with lots of people than by yourself. Anger and misery go hand in hand. It will wreck your life, relationships, family, relatives, peers, and office personnel who don’t wish to spend their lives around an angry person.

You get the idea. Not only will I do the podcast with and without guests (interviews), I’ll be doing videos as well. I’ll write down what I said in the podcast (15 minutes or shorter) so that you can hear as well as see and read.

I’m putting up a form that you can leave comments for me. Please provide me with all the information asked for.

Also, if you have any ideas for Body & Soul podcasts, please on the form, leave me your name, phone #, email and snail address. It will make it easier for me to get back in touch with you in a timely manner.

In addition, if you would like to become a Guest on Body & Soul, fill out the form as provided, and let me know. The topic. How it relates to Body & Sou. Why you feel it’s important to share it with the rest of the world.

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