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8.19.19 Cool Your Heels with Lillian: Interviewed Jennie Edwards, “Bumping Down the Highway.” RVing all around the United States and meeting a whole lot of people like her.

8.13.19  Cool Your Heels with Lillian; Interviewed Author & Certified Nurse, Nina Venturella, who wrote a book called “Unveiled Truth.” What the doctor doesn’t tell you will harm you! Nina Venturella has been a nutritionist, instructor and personal trainer for over 26 years. Nina launched her first weight loss and wellness center, Spa-tacular Health in 2006. It was then with a client who struggled with edema that she realized she had this amazing process for […]

    What type of massage to choose for each need? Benefits Of Massages Until some time ago, the massage was seen only as a superfluous resource, used for the comfort of people of higher social levels. However, nowadays it is accessible to all classes and is no longer seen merely as a kind of unnecessary luxury. The massage applied by a good professional, in its diversifications, can generate benefits for health, well being and […]

Welcome back to my blog.  I apologise for the delay but I did indeed make it to Lourdes (with a stop over at Paris). So, before I talk about my experience in that wonderful place, let me ask you this.  What do YOU call a miracle? You see, to me I believe that miracles happen every day.  A baby being born?  The way all the leaves turn brown at the same time and take roughly the same amount of […]

Ghandi fasting for political protest against the British. However, most individuals when they fast they’re not thinking about staging a political protest against an alien country. When individuals fast, they do it for several reasons. Dieting. Cleansing. Weapon. We all know many people, especially women, use intermittent dieting as a part of their diet to lose weight. Is it wise? The science of it, that is the medical community, doesn’t always agree. Let’s take a […]

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