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Matt & I met in church. We were married on November 01, 1980. We have a son, Joshua who is amazing! Josh has special needs! I worked as an LPN for many years. I never heard of Alzheimer’s nor did I know anything about caregiving. My mom in law took me to Alzheimer’s school! There wasn’t much information at the time. I learned the hard way! My dad also had Alzheimer’s. I didn’t take care of my dad but I did visit & gave my mom support. Matt was diagnosed in 2010 but showed signs in 07 or 08. We had a difficult time with doctors listening to us! The doctors wouldn’t say Alzheimer’s due to Matt was 56. We were told he is too young! I didn’t know about Early Onset Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s was on Matt’s mom’s side. Matt was the first to have it young! I was an angry Caregiver! I decided to start doing videos to raise awareness! Education is desperately needed! I didn’t want people to feel alone! I was without support for 14 years! I like to share my experiences to help others! I am grateful Jeanne White saw my video & contacted me! I want to thank Lillian Cauldwell for Passionate World Talk Radio Station! Thank you both for giving me a wonderful opportunity to be a host!      To contact Betsy by Email  Click here

2.16.20 Betsy Wurzel Host on Chatting with Betsy.  Today’s show is with Betsy Wurzel with Marcia Burr on Valentine’s Day, National Caregiver Day and the Alzheimer Music Festival. Click here to listen…

2.9.20  Betsy Wurzel Host on Chatting with Betsy.  Today’s show is with Betsy Wurzel talking about Valentine’s day and National Caregiver day Click here to listen…

2.2.20 Betsy Wurzel Host on Chatting with Betsy.  Today’s show is Betsy talking on a subject “We do not need your permission on grieving” – Click here to listen…

1.20.20 Betsy Wurzel Host on Chatting with Betsy.  Today’s show is on Betsy talking about how important on being an Advocate for your loved ones.  You will hear the honesty at the end of life for Matt’s jorney and how it affected Betsy and Josh.
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