Today’s guest is Johnny Owens who is a musician and youngest son of Country Music Legend, Buck Owens! Johnny Owens discusses how he started with the Buck Fever Band and then started the Bakersfield Sound Band, the challenges he faced, and the joy he had having Buck Owens as his dad!

Betsy and Jonny why Buck Owens created the Buck Owens Crystal  Palace and how Crystal Place is an important place for many.
Johnny Owens performs monthly at the Crystal Palace playing a variety of songs especially  Buck Owens hits!
We discussed the wonderful  HeeHaw show, the Bakersfield music sound, how it was started, and what Country music is today.
Johnny learned a wonderful work ethics from his dad, to work hard for what you want, and Johnny’s favorite song from Buck Owens is “Big in Vegas”.
We are providing the Audio Interview with Betsy Wurzel and Johnny Owens on his father’s musical life and how Johnny learned so much from his dad.   
Betsy was very honored to have talked with Johnny Owens.  Betsy personally loves Country Music and she loved watching  Hee-Haw! Hee-Haw is still on TV and you can watch episodes or clips on YouTube.
Betsy wants to thank her new friend, Pauline Vega for introducing her to Johnny Owens!
  Betsy is dedicating this show in memory of Country Music Legend, Buck Owens!
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