Betsy Wurzel, Chatting with Betsy show today is with Breeda Miller, Caregiver, Author. Betsy talks with Breeda on being a caregiver.  What and how she handled being a caregiver for her mother.  What she learned along the way to help in being a caregiver.  Along the way, Breeda provides some very interesting tips that will help you in more ways than you can imagine. In the interview, listen to how Breeda talks about disposable underwear […]

  Betsy Wurzel Host of Chatting with Betsy show today is with Lorri Lorraine Lepore. Betsy wants to provide a safe place for caregivers to come and tell their stories.  These caregivers have much to share and Betsy provides this platform for them. Lorri talks about her sister, mother and how she handled her relationship with her partner Michelle.  How important communication is with your spouse. Lorri’s sister Mary Jo was first diagnosed with Primary […]

    Marcia Burr is a monthly guest host at Passionate World Talk Radio.  For the show, this month with Marcia is preparing for a  disaster.  Marcia used the massive hurricane Dorian that was moving towards Florida.  What type of preparation, you would need water, batteries, food and much more.  In that preparation, you are also a caregiver for a loved one with Dementia/Alzheimers. What other items do you need for your loved one? There […]

Host Betsy Wurzel is going to talk about Angry Caregivers and how you can change the Angry into something positive.  Betsy will discuss two other topics that are important.  One is the Worlds Alzheimers Awareness Month and Alzheimers Music Festival in Woodstock Georgia Now I have asked in all my blogs to share these blogs, as there is information that could help other caregivers. To help each other we all need to listen to the […]

  Sue Fernandez, Consultant,  Advocate for Caregivers. Sue is the go-to person that will help you with the questions you have. Each month Sue provides Tips, Referrals, and Resources for caregivers.  Sue also provides the “Word of the Day” and “Did you Know” segment in each interview and both provide important information. If you are looking for a speaker that could provide much-needed information for caregivers, contact Sue Fernandez advocatecaregiver.1@gmail.com This show is called “The […]

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