Situational awareness in the everyday world is not about paranoia. It is not keeping your head on a constant swivel, looking for a threat. It is practicing being mindful and present in your daily life. The more you work on listening to and trusting your intuition, the more you will discover quiet confidence that you DO know your surroundings.

Shannon Zeeman’s guest this week, Kelly Sayre, believes all women can learn how to be more situationally aware to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. She took self-defense classes, and firearms safety courses and browsed all the tools marketed to women to carry for their protection- but what she couldn’t find was someone talking to women about how to spot a potentially dangerous situation BEFORE it happened. That is when her company, The Diamond Arrow Group, was born. An arrow through a diamond symbolizes “courage moving forward” and her mission is to help women build their confidence so they can move forward and live life on their own terms. Kelly is a life-long learner and has been researching and studying resources on situational awareness for years. She is an endorsed 500rising instructor. She took all that knowledge and created training, keynote presentations, and one-on-one coaching programs, with the everyday woman in mind. She draws on her vast research and knowledge to help women understand how to use life skills they already have, for their personal safety.

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