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Ed Robertson: Host of TVConfidential

Speaks of: CEO Lillian Cauldwell

    • In the area of Internet media, Lillian has created a unique online radio station, Passionate World Radio, that not only reflects her diverse professional background but provides a strong and sustainable platform for her various hosts. In a highly competitive, ever-changing arena where reach is everything, she has forged partnerships with businesses and universities that broadcast her programs, thus providing PWRN with an impressive cumulative audience of more than 1 million listeners a year. For me, and countless other broadcast professionals, she continues to be a good friend and an amazing mentor. “

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      12.18.19  Ed welcomes actress Ruta Lee and author Jeff Abraham

      12.17.19 Ed welcomes actor James Moses Black (This is Us, Black and Blue) and Paul
      Lynde biographer Cathy Fitzgibbon-Rudolph

      12.16.19 Ed welcomes Singer/actress Ruta Lee, actors Will Ryan and Nick Santa Maria,
      and producer/director Michael Schlesinger.

      12.15.19 Ed welcomes Actors Robert Clohessy (Blue Bloods) and James Dumont.

      12.14.19 Ed welcomes Actors Ed Asner and Peter Onorati

      9.28.19  Ed welcomes actors Vince Van Patten (7 Days to Vegas) and Laura Niemi (This
      is Us)

      9.25.19 Ed welcomes singer/actress Ilene Graff and Entertainment Weekly editor at
      large Lynette Rice

      9.17.19 Ed welcomes actor David Frankham and NATAS president Adam Sharp.

      9.7.19 Ed Robertson welcomes actress Dee Wallace and radio host Susan McCray

      5.14.19  Ed welcomes actor and cultural architect Robert Hooks and Gene Roddenberry
      biographer Marc Cushman

      5.7.19 Ed welcomes actress Geri Jewell and author Marc Cushman.

      5.6.19 Ed welcomes actress Lee Purcell (Carol of the Bells), singer Julie Budd (Remembering Mr. Sinatra) and singer/actress Kat Kramer

      2.4.19 Ed welcomes actors Michael Learned (The Waltons, Second Acts, Driving Miss
      Daisy) and Titus Welliver (Bosch) and authors David Bianculli and Douglas
      Howard (Television Finales).

      2.3.19 Ed welcomes singer/actress Constance Towers (The Naked Kiss), authors David
      Bianculli and Douglas Howard (Television Finales), and Josh Mills, director
      of the estates of Ernie Kovacs and Edie Adams.

      2.2.19 Ed welcomes David Steinberg, executive producer of Robin Williams: Come
      Inside My mind, and TV critic and NPR host David Bianculli. Plus: A tribute
      to Ken Berry.

      2.1.19 Ed welcomes actor Kirk Bovill (Vice), author Steve Randisi (The Merv
      Griffin Show: The Inside Story) and nutrition expert Meggie Jones.

      1.24.19 Ed welcomes actress and author Carole Wells (Hijacked) and author SteveRandisi (The Merv Griffin Show: The Inside Story).

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