Betsy’s guest today is Tara McEwen the Founder of HomeShare Alliance in Ontario, Canada. In this interview, Betsy and Tara discuss why and how she started the HomeShare Alliance in her area and how beneficial it is for both the homeowners and the sharer companion!

The reality is more women fall into the poverty area and need assistance with paying rent, mortgage, and other financial obligations. HomeShare Alliance is a part of a cultural shift in the real estate and housing markets, where sharing your home is becoming an attractive alternative to selling your home. Many “Baby Boomers ” would like to age in place so sharing a home can assist with that.
The HomeShare Alliance is also great for single parents to have someone to assist them and also very helpful to caregivers! There is a process to follow for finding compatible home sharers such as credit reports, police checks, credit checks, and referrals.
Tara also has a Free 6-week transformational program for women until the end of 2022! The course is Ultimate HomeSharing Experience.
Tara started a program, “You need to know yourself first”. This program helps women to set boundaries and to help themselves in many areas. For more information and book an appointment:  Discovery Call

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