In this interview,  Lillian emphasized the importance of vigilance against frauds, particularly highlighting the BBB’s resource at for avoiding scams. She recommended referring to the BBB’s tips for safe online shopping and stressed the importance of reporting any online scams to the BBB Scam Tracker.

The discussion on December 22 focused on the “Twelve Scams of Christmas,” a list compiled by the Better Business Bureau to alert the public about prevalent holiday scams. These include misleading ads on social media, fraudulent social media gift exchanges, untrustworthy holiday apps, false text messages about hacking incidents, phony offers for free gift cards, holiday job scams, imitation websites, counterfeit charity organizations, fake delivery notifications, deceptive advent calendars, scams related to in-demand holiday gifts, and pet or puppy scam schemes.

In her audio commentary, Lillian delves into the crucial topic of avoiding scams, with a particular emphasis on staying vigilant during the holiday season.

Contact Information:

Better Business Bureau:  The Naughty List
Better Business Bureau:  Scam Tracker 
Better Business Bureau:  Tips for Smart Shopping Online

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