Betsy’s guest is Marcela Tobal Benson a Mystic Poet, Spiritual Nutrition Counselor, Vegan Food Alchemist, and Author of” Love, Peace & Vegetables ” Recipes for Conscious  Living.  In this interview, Marcela discusses the many reasons she wrote the book, and how it was a culmination of a lifetime of learning and teaching that she wanted to share with her family and others! One example was how important it is to drink water and how dehydration can affect us and you will hear more on this subject. What is Structure Water?

Marcela and Betsy spoke about what a  Vegan Alchemist is and the philosophy of a Holistic Lifestyle. The discussion lead to how important it is to take care of ourselves by eating healthy nutritious foods. You can find more information on Marcels’s website.
You really need to listen to this audio interview on lifestyle and your health: 

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