Do you Kindly Lie? Tell someone an untruth knowingly because at the time it was the right thing to do. The right ‘white’ lie to tell? I watched a program where one of the characters told a man’s son that she broke off the love affair with his father even though it wasn’t the truth. She told his father that wife, mother, and son were allot more important that someone you think is a good […]

There’s a new game in town. It’s called The ‘FEAR’ Monger. What is a ‘FEAR’ Monger? It preys on your fears. I usually mute the commercials. I don’t have to hear every sales pitch in the universe trying to sell me stuff I don’t need. Recently, there’s a new kind of commercial out there that caught my attention. It’s all based on FEAR. What fear? The FEAR OF: hackers security death health retirement Alzheimer’s investments […]

3.13.19  Cool Your Heels: Interviewed Dr. April Schulte, Save Your Life Now: Your Health Is In Your Hands

Spiritual Faith versus Religious Faith versus Belief I have a friend who many years ago fell down a flight of stairs. The nurses in the emergency room was supposed to take a mri of her brain to see if she had sustained any damage to her brain. The nurses forgot. A decade later, the doctors discovered that she’d suffered trauma to her brain. That’s why the lady was going blind. As her sight diminished, the […]

Everyone has a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality. That’s what makes human beings unique. We posses a two-sided personality. It’s how we use this personality that determines how we behave within our culture, society, and among our peers. In the book, Dr. Jekyll drinks the potion to release himself from inner inhibitions and restrictions on what he allows his direction be directed by his corrupt personality. Spiritual personality is determined by how we behave […]

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