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Today’s guest is Debra Hallisey who is the Owner and Founder of Advocate for Mom and Dad, A Certified Caregiving  Consultant,  A former Caregiver to her parents, and Author and Writer of two books. Book #1 “A Relationship Contract for Dementia Caregivers.” Navigating the Complexities and Challenges of Caring For the Memory Impaired. Book #2  “Your Caregiver Relationship Contract.”How to navigate the Minefield of New Roles and Expectations. Both books are also available in Spanish!

Debra Hallisey discusses her caregiving experiences, why she wrote the two books, and what they are about, and we discussed how Debra started her own consulting business, and how she helps people find resources to help them! Betsy and Debra also discussed the importance of education for the caregiver, how being educated helps the caregiver have less stress and how education helps you be a better-informed caregiver, the importance of having  Power of Attorney, a medical directive, how you want to live out your end of life, and why you shouldn’t make promises to your loved ones about not placing them!
Debra said, “Caregiving  is a personal journey  and it is an honor to help a Caregiver!” Debra does do virtual consulting for the USA only! Betsy highly recommends going on the website and Facebook page.

We are proving the Audio Interview with Betsy Wurzel and Debra Hallisey for Caregiver Support:

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